5 Keys to Creating Successful Infographics. [INFOGRAPHIC]

By The Team | Yahoo! Advertising Solutions

As data grows and attention spans shrink, infographics become more vital—here’s how to make good ones

Ninety percent of the information that comes into the human brain is visual. Where did I get that factoid? From this infographic. That’s why infographics are so popular—that, and the fact that we are awash in information.

A visual tool that distills and presents key and complex data so it can be quickly understood and remembered is invaluable. Trouble is, we’re almost getting overwhelmed by infographics, too—especially bad ones. That’s why as a public service, we are sharing this infographic by IQ that presents five steps to creating successful infographics.

Let’s all take notes, because infographics are only going to get more popular—and necessary, because as IQ notes below, our attention spans are shrinking fast.

To view large infographic CLICK above on ‘More Images’.

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