Abasto magazines launches for business owners.

Hispanic Marketing Consultants Inc. announced the launch of a new trade magazine, Abasto˙, designed to provide business insights and news to the Hispanic food entrepreneur. Abasto’s first issue is set for April 2009, with an initial circulation of 53,000.

Abasto is uniquely positioned in that it the first and only business to business magazine to help Hispanic food entrepreneurs grow their business. “Every issue offers a full range of business insights and news,” according to Francisco Camara, Abasto’s editor-
in- chief. “The word abasto‚ means supply‚ in Spanish,” Camara explains, “and since we’re writing the magazine in Spanish, we wanted to highlight that we are supplying vital business information to every business owner or manager who is part of the food
supply chain for Hispanic foods.

“We are intent on providing best business practices in every arena of running a company – and we want to keep things practical and actionable,Camara continues. “We are thrilled to have experts from the Hispanic community as well as professors from the esteemed Wake Forest University Babcock School of Business contributing to every issue. The enthusiasm we have received from these experts has been nothing short of incredible.”

The idea for Abasto magazine came from entrepreneur Dan Calhoun, principal of Hispanic Marketing Consultants. “Our company has worked with a lot of Hispanic business owners who work very hard and have been successful. But we found that there was a knowledge gap for them, one that prohibited them to grow their businesses into greater profitability. First and foremost, our job is to give them the essentials of best business practices that they can apply to their companies.

“But we also paid attention to the fact that many manufacturers and distributors of Hispanic foods have not had a way to communicate efficiently to this large and growing Hispanic population of business owners, Calhoun continues. “These groups have been
virtually untapped and now this magazine becomes the platform to connect. It’s a perfect way to accelerate sales to this significant audience.”

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