ACA Marketing marks milestone: Over 150 Out-of-Home Latin Music Campaigns Across Six Continents in 2023

The Latin music industry has experienced a remarkable expansion, becoming a global cultural phenomenon, setting new milestones, and captivating audiences worldwide. As part of this extraordinary journey, out-of-home advertising (OOH) has emerged as a pivotal element in the success of Latin music marketing strategies.

ACA Marketing, an agency that connects brands with Latin music artists for decades, has emerged as the leading firm in music OOH advertising for major artists, including 2024 Grammy winners Karol G and Peso Pluma, who also became YouTube’s most viewed artist of the year in the U.S.

“As Latin artists become global success stories, we have not only seen out-of-home advertising investment increasing in the U.S. but worldwide,” explains Sean Valadez, ACA Marketing COO. “Music fans live and interact in their communities. Seeing their favorite artists in large, visually striking outdoor campaigns has proven to establish an emotional connection between the artists and their fan base that can’t be replaced with digital or mobile advertising,” he added.

According to Music Business Worldwide, the number of Latin music listeners on Spotify worldwide soared 986% from 2014 to 2023. This growth has been reflected in streaming numbers and chart performances, fueled by innovative marketing approaches by the artists and their record labels.

Cityscape takeovers, digital displays, and strategically placed posters in renowned locations such as Times Square in New York City or Shibuya in Tokyo have become integral parts of ACA Marketing’s global promotion of these artists and their latest releases.

“The intersection of music and visual art in outdoor spaces is a powerful tool for promoting Latin music and engaging audiences on a grand scale,” added Valadez. “Leveraging iconic locations and important music moments, such as the Latin Grammys, with unique creative designs, is helping make a lasting impact.”

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