AdColor selects only one color or ethnicity for it’s diversity promotional program.

gb1 Over the last couple of years, we have been critical of an industry event called AdColor that was once associated with the ANA Multicultural Conference.  Lately they have had the need to go solo on their event, since they seem to be more and more African American Ad Industry focused and definitively represent the lack of inclusion in the ad industry. ADColor has taken advantage of the Extreme Guilt that Madison Avenue and the US Mainstream Ad Industry have in not hiring more minorities to work in advertising. They are not the only organization which has found some type of ROI on “Guilt Diversity” dollars from advertising, marketing and media companies. Finally, AdColor has show it’s true commitment to diversity by the lack of inclusion of a US Hispanic advertising, marketing, media or research professional honoree in their 2013 event. Really, you are going to sell the Industry that there is not ONE US Hispanic Advertising Executives that has not contributed equally or more than the honorees your are honoring in 2013? In full disclosure, we have spoken with ADColor Board Members in the past about our concern for the lack of inclusion of Hispanics in their event. The sponsors of this event should DEMAND that ADColor either do a better job at inclusion. Eugenio (Gene) Bryan CEO — serving the US Hispanic advertising, marketing & media professional — Hispanic Chief Marketing Officers exchanging ideas — serving the Hispanic Public Relations professional — insight for reaching Hispanics — Thought Leadership for the US Hispanic Ad, Marketing, Media and PR pros      

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