Added Value Cheskin launches insight and innovation platform for Hispanic research.

Added Value Cheskin has announced that its online insight and innovation platform AV-id is fully operational for use in the U.S. Hispanic market.

According to Miguel Gomez Winebrenner, who co-leads the Hispanic Practice, this launch is a “direct response to the growing demands for a cost-effective platform that provides deep and ongoing qualitative insights.” AV-id projects are led by our experienced team of multi-cultural moderators, and can run for one week to more than a month, depending on the type and quantity of insights needed.

While AV-id has Spanish language capabilities and can be used with Hispanics of all acculturation levels, Mr. Gomez Winebrenner underscores that it is most effective with U.S. Dominants, Biculturals and Youth. “There is no doubt that Hispanics – of all levels of acculturation – are getting online at a fast pace. However, at this point in time the unacculturated segment of the market is still under-represented, as such we need to take care to ensure that as technology evolves, we continue to capture insights from this large and important market.”

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