Aflac debuts new TV Ad ‘Press Conference’ En Espanol.

Aflac introduced its latest Spanish language television commercial, Press Conference. This advertising story begins with a commercial titled Press Conference, in which a “doctor” answers questions about an undisclosed accident that has caused the Aflac Duck to be hospitalized with injuries to his beak and his wing, turning the iconic spokesduck into a policyholder.

The integrated campaign seeks to broaden the awareness and understanding of the Aflac brand in the Hispanic marketplace, which is significantly lower than in English-speaking market segments. It will include two attention-grabbing television commercials along with radio and digital activations. In Press Conference, viewers are directed to (, where they will find a wealth of information in Spanish about Aflac, its products, and the Aflac Duck.

“With the Latino purchasing power in the U.S. expected to top $1.6 trillion by 2016, we want to raise the relevance of the Aflac brand with individuals whose preferred language is Spanish,” said Aflac Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Michael Zuna. “This campaign will grab the attention of viewers, help educate them about our company in a culturally sensitive way, and prove how Aflac is a vital component of anyone’s financial security.”

“With so many Hispanic Americans living with limited funds for emergencies, now, more than ever, Aflac policies can help protect families from the out-of-pocket costs of an unexpected accident or illness,” Zuna said.

Press conference is currently airing on Spanish language local television stations in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco and Orlando.

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