Grow with our audience, and grow with us.  That's the pitch presented to new and returning brand managers and CMOs across a digitally delivered event that was one-part Upfront presentation and another part a full introduction to two new key members of the largest multimedia company superserving U.S. Hispanics today.  By Adam R Jacobson - Radio + Television Business Report

Wendy’s new ad is letting fans know how they should start their day – con huevos!

Our next Creative Expert highlight is Pablo Buffagni, who is the owner and founder of BBQ Agency and is based in Torrance, CA.  ENJOY.

A Majority of Respondents to 4A's 2021 Impact of Advertising Survey Find That Their Agency's Work Helped Their Clients Gain Market Share During 2020


Medalla Light announced the launch of its “The Sound of Home” campaign in select markets in the northwestern United States. For the campaign, Medalla Light captured the unique song of the coqui, a tiny and emblematic amphibian, native to the Caribbean island.

Today’s marketing landscape is seeing a racial awakening from companies, but consumers are demanding equality and proper representation coupled with culturally literate, responsible practices from marketers. With Hispanics fueling U.S. culture shifts and population growth, the Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing is sharpening its focus, re-invigorating its advocacy for Hispanic marketing, and rebranding as the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC). At a time when intentional approaches via segment marketing have never been more critical, the HMC continues to be the only organization devoted to promoting the critical role of Hispanic marketing, media and specialist firms in today’s marketplace.

Linguistic anthropology dives into how people use language to create culture, enact different identities, tell stories, and create relationships. But language is continuously changing.

To begin our new series titled "Creative Spotlight Series", we have chosen Paco Olavarrieta - Chief Creative Officer of New York based d expósito & Partners.  We will continue to highlight our great creative executives in this series, asking them key questions about the business.  Enjoy.

Weber Shandwick announced the appointment of Ciro Sarmiento as chief creative officer of Weber Shandwick New York.

Hispanics were conspicuously left out, the largest ethnicity and highest business growth segment, except in Huggies’ multi-ethnic real babies born this Super Bowl Sunday.  By Liz Castells-Heard, CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, INFUSION

From assessing the ads that aired nationally, it feels like we regressed at least 15 years.  By Louis Maldonado / d expósito & Partners

I've always found extremes uncomfortable. Back in the day, when everything in advertising agencies bent to the latest whims of the creatives, us media guys chuntered on.  By Brian Jacobs - The Cog

Acento Advertising in partnership with Duncan Channon and APartnership collaborated on the overall strategy which switches up the traditional smoking cessation approach of shaming and scaring smokers into quitting, opting instead to encourage and normalize the idea that failing is part of the quitting journey by highlighting stories of real California smokers and vapers.

Global creative agencies are among the most decentralized business organizations in the world. Office heads and the client heads within their offices have complete independence in the way they manage their operations. Client heads are virtually unsupervised -- no one above them knows what work they are leading and whether or not fees and resources are appropriate for the work. C-suite executives focus more on the hunt for new business than on the management of their fragmented organizations. This makes agency transformations particularly tricky.

Verizon and its ad agency McCann Worldgroup received top honors, winning the Best in Show award in the 2020 ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards competition for the campaign “Love Calls Back.”