U.S. MULTICULTURAL TRENDS – Multicultural Audiences’ Streaming and App Interests on Mobile and CTV [REPORT]

U.S. multicultural audiences are bigger streamers than the general market. Asian Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans are 33 percent, 17 percent, and 17 percent, respectively, more likely to have CTV streaming apps than the general market.

2022 Connectivity and Mobile trends [REPORT]

Consumers are using connected devices to enhance their daily lives and well-being while fine-tuning the balance between their virtual and physical worlds.

TelevisaUnivision announces the start of production for four new ViX+ Original Titles

TelevisaUnivision announced that three new series, “Colapso” (working title), “Isla Brava”, and “Senda Prohibida,” and one new documentary film, “Absoluta” are currently in production.

Cannes Lions 2022: The Attention Economy has landed

Sitting neatly at the intersection of media magic and creative success is the debate around attention, which was a topic du jour from day one. Advertisers are increasingly keen to create ads that capture and retain attention. Publishers want to show they have the environments that deliver high-quality attention. And Agencies want to place ads where they can generate the most attention for their clients’ money.

Timidity is limiting your ROI

From a budgeting perspective, global marketers planned to increase their spending across all channels as 2022 got underway, with significant emphasis on select digital channels like social media, video and display ads.

NGL Collective and mitú merge

As part of the acquisition, NGL Collective ("NGL") is merging with GoDigital's mitú. The new entity will retain the name of NGL Collective.

Blended viewing strategies mark a new chapter for the market [REPORT]

The video-on-demand space (VOD) is fascinating, not least because we have competing businesses approaching delivery strategies from opposing directions – with many now meeting in the middle and betting on a future that borrows the best from every model.

The Evolution of the Digital World: Web 3.0, the Metaverse, and Cryptocurrencies Will Shape the Future of Marketing. African-Americans and Hispanics leading NFTs ownership.

Digital technologies are rapidly advancing, ushering us into a new era. The web transformed from an informative place into a social hub with e-commerce opportunities where products, services and details of our lives are shared, accommodating almost every lifestyle. With the support of robust technologies, a young Web 3.0 - the third generation of internet capabilities for websites and applications that promotes and enables more intelligent and connected spaces- is opening the doors towards new and immersive opportunities for consumers and businesses alike.

Video entertainment in 2030

McKinsey experts predict that video entertainment, in all its forms, will become more immersive, gamified, and personalized.

Immigrant Archive Project Podcasts launch

The Immigrant Archive Project and its founder Tony Hernandez expands their platform to podcasting.

Seedtag launching in the US

Seedtag, the leader in contextual advertising in EMEA and LATAM, has announced the opening of its US headquarters in New York.

Innovation Español launches

San Diego-based InnoVision Marketing Group has launched InnoVision Español, adding to their portfolio of in-house services that include digital media, traditional media, web development, design, public relations, film production and more.

Media Companies Expanding Spanish-Language Content for Growing Latinx Audiences

As the streaming ecosystem evolves and Latinx audiences continue to grow, the Spanish-language television landscape is transforming dramatically.

Significant opportunities amid the complexity [REPORT]

The future for the delivery of TV and video content and advertising and the evolution of viewer experiences and behaviours exposes much complexity. We shine a spotlight on the opportunities and challenges for media owners, advertisers and agencies, as well as highlighting the implications for audience measurement.

Marketing in the metaverse: An opportunity for innovation and experimentation

Talk of the metaverse has been ubiquitous over the past several months.  In 2021, internet searches for the term increased by 7,200 percent. In December, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared his ambition to “help bring the metaverse to life.” A month later, Microsoft said that its proposed acquisition of gaming giant Activision provided “building blocks for the metaverse.”

MundoNow names Andrew Polsky – Chief Revenue Officer and Partner

MundoNow, previously Mundo Hispanico, announced it has appointed multicultural digital media veteran Andrew Polsky as Chief Revenue Officer and Partner. Polsky’s hire is part of Mundo Hispanico’s relaunch as MundoNow, a strategic move to build creative media tech tools and content that reach the entirety of the U.S. Latino market, which is now driven by the dominant 55 percent of America's Latino population that identifies as either bilingual, bicultural or English-language preferred.

Mundo Hispanico Becomes MundoNow in Move to Reach New Generation of U.S. Latinos

Mundo Hispanico, the largest certified-minority-owned bilingual and bicultural digital media platform in the USA, announced today it is rebranding to MundoNow in a move to reach the newly dominant 55 percent of America's Latino population that identifies as either bilingual/bicultural or English-language preferred.

Busted! Five myths about retail media

Retail media networks are transforming the advertising landscape and boosting top retailers’ bottom lines. Our latest survey helps debunk five mistaken beliefs about RMNs.

Santaella named Chief Digital & Streaming Officer at Estrella Media

Estrella Media has announced that René Santaella has been elevated to the role of Chief Digital and Streaming Officer for the company. Santaella was EVP, Digital & Streaming Media, and helped launch the company's successful streaming and AVOD platforms.

Internet Crushes Traditional Media: From Print to Digital

Many Americans may not remember the last time they stopped by a newsstand to pick up a magazine or newspaper. Or the last time they passed by – let alone walked into – a video store.

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