AHAA Tackles The Biggest Trends In Marketing At 2015 Annual Conference

This April, AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing will be educating the industry what it means to be relevant and setting the record straight on who is getting Total Market right – and who isn’t. The AHAA Annual Conference, taking place in Miami from April 27 to 29, 2015, will redefine relevance utilizing C-suite leaders from top brands, futurists and expert panels across key areas.

Hispanics are at the center of explosive growth across numerous categories, with Millennials and Upscale Latinos driving significant changes in digital and Total Market strategies. AHAA’s headliners, top visionaries in their field – including Rick Gomez, SVP, Marketing, Target; Peter Hall, Regional Marketing Director of the Americas, Heineken; Jim McNamara, Chairman of Pantelion Films, and Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, Inc., to name a few – are seeing how critical Hispanics are to their company growth. Other brands, however, are completely missing the mark by implementing incorrect “total budget” Total Market strategies.

“In today’s world, consumers are choosing how and when to interact with brands. That’s why the topic of relevance, namely Hispanic relevance, has never been more important,” said AHAA Chair Aldo Quevedo, principal/creative director of Richards/Lerma. “If you are using Total Market as a short cut, you are essentially throwing your marketing dollars away. Harnessing the relevant cultural cues is what separates good brands from great brands. We’ll recognize who’s doing it right and give some examples on who could improve their approach. Don’t miss it!”

In one of the most anticipated sessions, AHAA will moderate a forum on Total Market and its future as part of its Town Hall Series. Using polling features on its conference app, AHAA will not only dissect attitudes and best practices from attending industry leaders, but also share its hot list of brands that are correctly and successfully implementing these strategies – including its Marketer of the Year winner – and reveal Total Market fails.

As AHAA explores themes of relevance in messaging and content creation, it is pleased to announce futurist Jason Silva has joined the impressive roster of AHAA’s headliners. Mr. Silva is the Emmy®-nominated host of National Geographic Channel’s hit TV series Brain Games, airing in more than 100 countries, and creator of viral short film series Shots of Awe, exploring innovation, technology, creativity, futurism and the metaphysics of the imagination.

Known for its data-driven expert panels, the AHAA Annual Conference will feature the following sessions:

•    Content Marketing: Own Your Media and Own It Well

A group of experts, who are all on the forefront of the next evolution of content marketing and former members of progressive brands including Red Bull and Trunk Club, will challenge attendees to think differently about approaches to content development, marketing and curation.  Ravi Rajcoomar, CMO of Six-Speed; Jonathan Stern, VP/head of business development for Fusion TV; Jennifer Lukas-Bourgeois, principal, Ti22 Marketing; and Joe Jarvis, creative copywriter will provide a 360 approach on content marketing, featuring relevant case studies across multiple brands.

•    Demystifying Programmatic Marketing

As the data-driven, digital ecosystem expands, so is the number of people looking to understand its intricacies. Programmatic marketing uses real-time systems, rules and algorithms to automate the delivery of data-driven, targeted and relevant experiences to consumers as they interact with a brand’s many touch points. The best programmatic marketing recognizes the consumer as he moves between channels and touch points, so that each interaction informs the next.

“Compelling content and controversial conversation will be a big part of this year’s AHAA Annual Conference,” said AHAA Conference Chair and Chair-Elect, Linda Lane Gonzalez, president of viva partnership. “For us, it’s not enough to have the most senior-level marketing experts; we will deliver thought-provoking strategies focused on Hispanic relevance that can drive ROI and help brands become game changers. We look forward to announcing exciting new speakers and more sessions in the weeks to come!”

Early-bird registration is available through March 20, 2015. For more information, please visit ahaa.org and follow all conference chatter on Twitter using the @ahaa handle and hashtag #thinkahaa.

About AHAA:
Founded in 1996, AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing is the national trade organization of all marketing, communications and media firms with trusted Hispanic expertise.


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