AI Revolution: Transforming the Creative Industry and Unleashing Imagination

As the CEO of Latin2Latin Marketing, also known as L2L, I have seen firsthand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can create immense value for our clients in the Hispanic and Multicultural marketing industry. Our award-winning agency embraced AI since its inception, to craft effective strategies to enhance and speed up our work on behalf of clients in many ways- including but not limited- to research, content development, analysis, problem solving, processes and so on. Personally, I have been studying AI for the past three years as part of being a member of the CEO Roundtable, hosted by Clark Leadership.

As a boutique full-service marketing firm, and as part of our DNA, we have always pushed to be in the forefront of new technology. It allows us to be nimble, accelerate processes and/or work smartly with a keen focus on client value. By automating certain tasks, such as data analysis and repetitive processes, the agency can focus on more strategic and creative work that requires human expertise.

The Power of Images

AI is transforming the creative industry by introducing new possibilities, enhancing creative processes, and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. With AI-powered tools, anyone can create an image or a video message within minutes and there are no limits to the imagination.

Can we don’t longer believe what we see? questioned The New York Times in an article just a few days after Pope Francis became a recurring favorite in AI created images that put him in incongruous situations, such as Pope Francis wearing a long, white puffer jacket inspired by Balenciaga. The Pope rocking aviators and revving a motorcycle down a busy street, turning the tables in a dim nightclub, in a tactical vest, preparing to fly a fighter jet and sharing a beer at Burning Man!

We fully understand how AI can be a powerful tool when used correctly and how dangerous it could be when not. But the reality is that the world now has little control over its use. To the point that Geoffrey Hinton, who has been called the ‘Godfather of AI,’ left his role at Google to speak out about the “dangers” of the technology he helped to develop.

So Make No Mistake, AI Is Here To Stay!

According to a recent report by McKinsey, companies that use AI in marketing have seen a 10-30% increase in revenue and a 20-30% reduction in marketing costs. Additionally, a study by Salesforce found that 51% of marketers are already using AI in some capacity, and 27% plan to start using it in the next two years. And these are the stats for the industry we are in but check your trade and you’ll probably find the same pattern.

At our agency we discussed the pros and cons of using AI in our day-to-day work and we have created our own best practice guidelines when using this revolutionary technology. We even went further and played around with AI-powered tools to create this “AI Advantages” video using the headshots of our team members.

By the way, the AI insisted on changing the color of our eyes and some of our facial features, not to mention the pitch of some of the AI voices available. But at the end -what in the past would have taken days and weeks to produce- it took just a few minutes of one person in our team to put this piece together! And while we had some fun and played around with our team’s AI versions, it prompted me to write about this topic and share some of our AI learnings, so far, with our colleagues and clients.

Some of Our Initial Learnings

While we rave about AI efficiencies and we love experimenting with it, we have found that AI still has a long way to go when it comes to vetting data sources, and most importantly understanding cultural cues and underlying biases.

AI tools may not always be able to capture Hispanic and Multicultural nuances, which could lead to ineffective or even offensive messaging. These nuances can significantly impact the success of a marketing campaign. This is where the concept of “humans in the loop” becomes critical.

The term “humans in the loop” refers in the tech industry to the concept in artificial intelligence and automation systems where human oversight or involvement is maintained during the decision-making or execution process. It implies that humans are an integral part of the system and can influence or intervene in the outcomes generated by AI or automated processes.

In the case of Hispanic and Multicultural marketing, cultural cues play a vital role. These subtle nuances -unique to each culture- can greatly impact the success of any marketing effort. Understanding culture is crucial, as different Hispanic cultures may interpret words, colors, messages, and other elements differently. To navigate these cultural cues successfully, it is essential to have experts who possess a deep understanding of the audience and the market.

At L2L, we recognize the importance of combining AI with our human expertise to develop exceptional marketing strategies that drive results for our clients in the Hispanic and Multicultural markets. “Our humans” (aka Staff) reviews and validates the outputs generated by any AI system we use, and provides input, context, correct errors, and make final decisions based on our experience and understanding of the market.

So, for those companies that believe that with their newly acquired AI tools they can now manage their own marketing in other languages and create strategies for their minority target groups, let me remind you of the importance of the “humans in the loop.”


At L2L, the synergy between AI and human touch enables us to create strategies that enhance our clients’ bottom line and deliver exceptional value. By utilizing the concept of humans in the loop, we strike a balance between the efficiency and capabilities of AI systems and the human judgment and decision-making necessary to ensure safety, ethics, and overall system performance.

At L2L, we are committed to leveraging AI to drive results for our clients while ensuring that human expertise and cultural sensitivity are always at the forefront.

About Author

Arminda “Mindy” Figueroa
Founder and CEO, Latin2Latin

A true maverick, Arminda “Mindy” Figueroa is a recognized leader in the traditional, multicultural, direct and digital marketing fields, and has built a successful career focused on generating awareness of the essential role of the multicultural market in corporate America. Prior to launching Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications, Mindy was Project Director for Scholastic Media, and oversaw the launch of the children’s TV series, Maya & Miguel, the #1 new TV show for kids on PBS. Figueroa previously held senior marketing positions at The Bravo Group (a Young & Rubicam agency),, Verizon and Anheuser-Busch. Ms. Figueroa is a frequent presenter at industry seminars and conferences. She has also been recognized by El Diario/La Prensa as one of the 50 Most Influential Latinas. Mindy has been named one of the Women of Influence by South Florida Business Journal and also by the “South Florida Business and Wealth, three years in a row.


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