AIMM’s Power Up! Growth Through Inclusive Marketing [REPORT]

This CMO Guide for Modern Marketing Leaders makes an indisputable argument about where growth is coming from… Multicultural and Inclusive audiences! Which makes these diverse audiences the #1 priority for marketers, for whom growth reigns supreme. Power Up! relies on the latest industry studies, proprietary data and a host of other insights and metrics. In addition, Power Up! contains six exclusive interviews with top CMO’s and C-suite executives, Marc S. PritchardSherina SmithManoj RaghunandananAlicia EncisoDeborah Yeh, and Sarah Kate Ellis, all of whom use their powerful voices in service to commitment and accountability. Power Up! explores growth across multiple dimensions – from demographics to DEI to a growing global consciousness. Trust, authenticity, and innovation are also at the heart of the guide, underscored by a growing body of work being done by AIMM in order to quantify the impact of multicultural and inclusive marketing.

The power of the growth message in the Power Up! report is quite substantial – and, essentially, indisputable.

To download report, CLICK HERE.

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