Al Dia Newspaper moves to maximize readership and revenues.

According to Alejandro Sanchez – Publisher of Al Dia in Dallas, the newspaper will go from being a daily newspaper to a Wednesday and Saturday edition only. Due to their effective home delivery strategy, they already enjoy major readership increases and advertising revenue on these select days of the week.

The response for advertisers and the readership experience has been enhanced. Al Dia newspaper entered into a content relationship with Mexico’s Grupo Reforma that will enhance the content of the newspaper.

Al Dia has transformed itself from a newspaper entity to a media company, by doubling it’s digital capabilities along with increasing their promotional capabilities. Al Dia hosted over 100 local events a year. They are the host of a 64 team soccer tournament called ‘Copa Al Dia’.

Mr. Sanchez indicates the next move will be to offer content via mobil platform shortly.

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