All About Opportunity: Engaging Asian American Voters Demographics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Amid the onslaught of an estimated $11 billion in political spending for this year’s U.S. Presidential Election, it’s hard to imagine any voter group being left out. But according to the 2020 Asian American Voter Survey, half of Asian voters reported they were not contacted by either major party in the ramp up to Election Day. Turnout among Asian American voters lagged their multicultural counterparts in previous cycles, but this year, many are excited about getting off the sidelines and involved in the process.

Despite the limited outreach from political parties in 2020, survey respondents also reported increased enthusiasm to vote this year. Climbing the corporate ladder for greater opportunities is top-of-mind for occasional Asian American voters, so the party that can make the case for more economic advancement and a healthy job market may stand to gain. Whatever the message, candidates on both sides of the aisle can benefit from engaging Asian Americans on the issues they care about and in the language they prefer.


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