ALMA Redefines Latino Jobs in New Collaboration with HP

What are Latino jobs? In ALMA’s latest production, they prefer to ask: “What AREN’T they?” HP enlisted ALMA’s multicultural expertise for the Hispanic segment of their “Reinvent Mindsets” campaign for diverse recruitment, titled #LatinoJobs. The film reveals the stereotypes of Latino professions that still exist today and proposes a redefinition of the label.

“In the scramble for diversity inclusion, HP Inc. and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Antonio Lucio are setting the standard for doing it right,” says Luis Miguel Messianu, CEO Creative Chairman of ALMA. “We are honored to be called to lead a campaign reinforcing that talent comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders, it’s just a matter of shifting perceptions and opening opportunities for able individuals no matter what they look like.”

The project was led by a powerhouse group of female leaders in the creative field. Ali Alvarez directed the spot and was selected through Free The Bid, a movement supported by both HP and ALMA. Carol Eannance was the Executive Producer, and Creative Director Beatriz Torres-Marin and Account Director Carola Chaurero led the effort on ALMA’s team.

“ALMA was the obvious choice for this endeavor as a leading multicultural agency with expertise in the Hispanic community,” says HP’s Lucio. “The result of our collaboration is insight-driven creative and an excellent addition to our Reinvent Mindsets campaign. The time for talk is over as we continue to reinvent the standard for diversity in the industry.”

Watch the full spot released by HP on the YouTube page here, and to follow ALMA’s work you can visit or follow their social accounts at @AlmaAgency.




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