AM/FM Radio Still Dominates when Reaching U.S. Hispanics, Offers Unmatched Value to Advertisers [REPORT]

A new analysis from Nielsen looks at the rapidly evolving and expanding audio media landscape, inclusive of terrestrial (AM/FM) radio, streaming audio platforms and podcasting. While the increased enthusiasm and listenership of the newer digital audio formats have consumed much of the marketing and advertising industry’s attention, the findings show AM/FM radio still dominates the audio landscape. These data serve as a powerful reminder to advertisers of the unique value radio brings to their media strategies and channel mixes.

The Nielsen analysis shows that AM/FM radio continues to lead all media, including all broadcast, streaming and digital platforms, in building broad reach with Hispanic adults. As of Spring 2022 Nielsen data shows:

  • 97% of all Latinos 18+ listen to AM/FM radio on a monthly basis, compared to 59% of all streaming music services, combined.
  • Although radio listenership increases with age, a full 95% of Hispanics 18-34 (Millennials and Gen Z) can be reached through AM/FM radio. This compares to 65% reach for all streaming music services and 29% for the leading platform, Spotify.
  • While streaming audio lags AM/FM radio in reach, share of listening time doubled among Hispanic adults since Q2 2020, from 5% to 10% of total AQH.
  • Podcast listenership has also grown with Hispanic adults over the last two years, with 60% saying they listen more often and 62% saying they listen to more podcasts.
  • When added to the mix of audio platforms, radio achieves an additional 64% in incremental reach in brand’s Hispanic media plan.

Beyond being highly efficient medium for building broad reach, AM/FM radio has the unique ability to reach Hispanic adults during prime hours of the day and while listeners are away-from-home and closest to retail. Additionally, radio offers listening experiences that are plugged into local communities, with music and talk programming that is curated based on local culture, tastes and lived experiences. In fact, more than half (54%) of Latino adults agree that their favorite radio station helps them stay connected to their community, according to Nielsen Scarborough.

AM/FM radio offers tremendous value that is arguably unmatched in the audio landscape. In addition to achieving broader reach that more efficiently drives brand awareness, radio affords advertisers the ability to engage Hispanics throughout the path to purchase. What’s more, brands have the ability to customize their radio creative to achieve added local relevance, and they can include promotional messages that drive consumer interest and retail traffic. Finally, radio can help brands increase their community presence and engagement through activations at retail and at local events and festivals.

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