American Latino Syndication ushers in New Era!

LATV Networks announced that its subsidiary American Latino Syndication, distributor of the award-winning American Latino TV and LatiNation, launches a new era with a slate of brand new episodes under the direction of up and coming director/producer Daniel Velez and rising journalist/comedian Humberto Guida.

Along with hosts, actress Valery Ortiz and singer T. Lopez, and under the guidance of award-winning veteran producer Luca Bentivoglio, the brand new American Latino TV and LatiNation take off to new heights beginning this month with the premiere of its summer episodes.

“The American Latino market is severely under-served. Our viewers are hungry for more than just passive television entertainment,” said Luca Bentivoglio, COO and Head of Programming at LATV. “The new additions will serve as a boost to LATV Network’s American Latino Syndication arm, provide fresher, stronger, cross-cultural television and give our audience a wide range of media platforms to choose from.”

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