AM/FM Radio is the Strongest Pre-Shopping Medium.

AM/FM radio delivers the largest reach during the time periods immediately prior to peak shopping hours, it continues to dominate the audio entertainment landscape, and out delivers web, social networking or mobile usage during the average day among Adults age 25 to 54. These are the most notable findings of a study commissioned by Arbitron and presented at this week’s Radio Show, hosted by the National Association of Broadcasters and the Radio Advertising Bureau in Dallas.

“Where Radio Fits: Radio’s Strengths in the Media Landscape” examines the continued strength of AM/FM radio among Adults aged 25 to 54 and the advantages radio delivers over other media outlets. The study also looks at where consumers are accessing various media platforms and the emotional impact these media have on users.

Key findings of “Where Radio Fits: Radio’s Strengths in the Media Landscape”:

– AM/FM radio is the strongest pre-shopping medium, reaching 31% of 25-54s during the hour before the peak shopping period (1-2PM). AM/FM Radio’s reach during this crucial decision making hour is nearly twice that of live TV (17 percent).

– AM/FM radio delivers 86 percent of the total time Adults aged 25 to 54 spend with the three main audio platforms. AM/FM Radio delivers nearly eight times more time spent than satellite radio and seventeen times more than internet audio streaming.

– AM/FM radio is the second most widely consumed of the top media platforms. During the average day, radio reaches 59 percent of adults aged 25 to 54, second only to television, which reaches nearly 80 percent of these adults. Trailing radio are the Internet (49 percent), social networking (19 percent), mobile web/app usage (16 percent).

– AM/FM radio adds considerable reach to other media platforms. When combined with live television, radio adds an additional 14 percent reach of adults aged 25 to 54 and an additional 60 percent when combined with Internet

– AM/FM radio is heard by a variety of decision influencers with 43 percent of respondents aged 25 to 54 saying they listen with their children, 38 percent listen with their spouse or partner.

“Radio’s consistently large reach together with its ability to deliver the ‘the last word’ during the crucial pre-shopping hours make it highly valuable for advertisers who are looking to maximize ROI in a fragmented media environment,” said Bill Rose, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Arbitron Inc. “This study along with the more granular data Arbitron is providing to agencies and modelers should help reinforce radio’s strength in the marketing mix.”

How the study was conducted

The study, conducted in conjunction with MBI Touchpoints, measured the media consumption, consumer activities, social setting, location, and mood/emotions of 2,000 persons age 18 to 64. The study was conducted in two waves from Oct 2010-March 2011 and Aug 2011-Jan 2012. Touchpoints captured its data using a proprietary mobile app for tracking consumer behavior.

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