Aprende Institute brings Next Generation Online Education Platform to U.S. Latinos

Aprende Institute is launching in the United States. Aprende Institute’s expert-led online courses are designed for Spanish-speaking students looking to take their passions and career ambitions to new heights. The edtech platform, with over 30,000 students in Latin America, includes 30 programs across five schools: Culinary Arts, Business & Entrepreneurship, Trade Skills, Beauty & Fashion, and Wellness.

“For 60.6 million* Latinos, the American Dream entails the opportunity to achieve and succeed at any career through hard work and determination,” said Martin Claure, Founder and CEO of Aprende Institute. “Aprende Institute is working to widen the doors of opportunity and fill the gap that exists in vocational education by offering accessible programs tailored to meet students’ needs.”

Each discipline includes multiple online courses that are in high demand in today’s labor market. Aprende Institute’s certifications are designed to be flexible, easy to manage, based on students’ schedules and available from any device. Aprende Institute’s platform provides a robust learning experience, complemented with a community where students can interact and build ongoing relationships well after courses are completed.

Sample Course Certificates Include:

    Health & Nutrition
    Pastry Making & Baking
    Solar Energy & Installation

Aprende Institute provides interactive academic programs through its cutting-edge technology, delivering a unique and competency-based learning experience. With its innovative and engaging user interface, students have access to qualified and experienced experts who are available on-demand to answer questions, provide feedback and ensure students’ success.


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