Are Telenovelas evil?

    I was forwarded a post in LinkedIn where a President & CEO and Publisher of a Nashville, Tennessee Spanish-language newspaper stated  and I quote’ “What concerns me the most about Telenovelas is that it actually molds culture of the Latinos.  Maybe that is why the back stabbing, the manipulation and the hypocrisy, so widely used in telenovelas, has become so commonplace in the culture of the Latinos, specially those living in the USA.”

I ponder whether to blog about this post or not. I could not resist the temptation.

Mr. XXXX (You know who you are) it is not a Latino thing to back stab, manipulate and be hypocritical, look at our Government.  Now with that said, you circle of associates and friends must be a barrel of fun or not.

As a businessman, have you not work one asset against the other, manipulated an outcome or did not offer full disclosure?  Sure you have, so you have back stabbed, manipulated and been hypocritical.

The best Business Schools teach a class about this called Negotiation.  Communications and Medical School also teach a class like this called Interpersonal Communications & Relations.  Maybe you missed these classes.

Maybe if you ran more features about Telenovelas & Entertainment in your newspaper that readers truly enjoy, your circulation might increase.

P.S., the social media thing is a doubled edge sword.  Be careful what you post.

Gene Bryan

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