Are we a blip on the radar screen?

   Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the political crescendo rise to deafening levels about our economy and the future of our country.  Wall Street and our politicians did not help, since greed and misplaced interest almost brought the world to an economic standstill.  And it still might happen.

We have seen the currency and future wars of the world no longer about coins or paper or geography won and lost, but evolving.  Its about energy sources for the future.

But what does this have to do with the US Hispanic Market?

It has a lot to do about the US Hispanic Market.  We are no longer under the radar as a consumer base, ad budgets or media entities in a vacuum.

We are now a BLIP on the ad industry radar.

Our consumers are real consumers for many products / services and politically.

Our ad budgets are real big, maybe not big enough where we would like to see them.  But they are still big in the light of shrinking mainstream budgets

Our media entities have real ratings, circulation and/or eyeballs in radio, television, print and the internet.  They area a threat to mainstream media.

We are a $5 BILLION plus advertising Industry.

We will be influenced by the rise and fall of mainstream advertising, the economy and the politics. Because we are part of the ONE.

So with this in mind, I offer one suggestion.

Become more knowledgeable about our role in the advertising; our unique ability to deliver a growing and influential consumer segment; our rank amongst all media entities and become VERY AGGRESSIVE because we are fighting for our share of the total ad dollars.

The fact is that we are part of the ONE Advertising Pie.

It is not us against ourselves anymore.

¡Al pie del cañon!

Gene Bryan

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