Argentines Invade Puerto Rico.

On February 10, 2002, Argentines landed in PR for a full-scale invasion. The invaders consist of a group of 5 young saints and very innocents lads, they call themselves Santos Inocentes. These 5 saints bring on a very powerful, melodic, industrial rock sound. They performed at the Tito Puente Amphitheater in San Juan with the home grown soon-to-be-rock stars Vialterna, the legendary Venezuelan ska/funk band Desorden Publico, and the always amusing, fun to watch boys from Monterey, Mexico, Genitallica.

After their performance the Saints decided to spend more time in the Caribbean Island paradise of PR, where they will stay for a few months performing and doing promotional shows supporting their Megaton release on Maverick Musica. Plus they will film next month an EPK/video of the track that carries their name “Santos Inocentes.” They want to capture on film what PR means to them.

Now get ready for the second front of invaders, they have a very peculiar sometimes hard to pronounce name, but when it comes to music and show they’re as powerful as a nuclear bomb. They came to demolish your preconceived notions of music. Their name is Catupecu Machu. Catupecu will stay in PR also for a few months and they will perform, supporting “Cuentos Decapitados” (Decapitated Stories) their debut record for EMI Latin. Their name has no translation but their music translates to fun, good all rock n’ roll. Cuentos Decapitados have sprung a powerful hit that local radio station
Cosmos 94.7 FM with the track “Y lo que Quiero es que pises sin el suelo” (I want you to step without a floor). In such a short time Catu is becoming one of the favorite bands of the new millennium.

So there you have it two bands from Argentina that will be become the giants of the future. We can now go to sleep safely knowing that the new wave of Latin alternative/rock will be as healthy and as successful as in the past.

Santos Inocentes Dates.

February 9 -Anfiteatro – San Juan
February 15 -Papayack Asylum – San Juan
February 22 -Rustico – Juana Diaz
February 23 -Años Locos – Manati
March 2 -Ole Ole – San Juan
March 6 -NY Rican Cafe – San Juan
March 8 -Hard Rock Cafe – San Juan
March 9 -Feders – Vega Baja
March 15 -Mayaguez Cafe – Mayaguez
March 16 -EL Teatro – San Juan

Catupecu Machu Dates

February 14 -Mayaguez Cafe -Mayaguez
February 15 -Hard Rock Cafe -San Juan
February 16 -Holywood Cafe -Ponce
February 22 -Rustico -Juan Diaz
February 23 -Sea Breeze -Fajardo
March 1 -Baja Beach -Hatillo
March 2 -Coaches -Hato Rey
March 8 -Las dos Ceibas -Quebradillas
March 9 -Feders -Vega Baja
March 15 -Landing -Rincon
March16 -Rancho De Alf -Naranjito
March 23 -MIs Años Locos -Manati
March 28 -Boqueron -Cabo Rojo

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