Azteca America to premier ‘El Show de Tatiana’.

Azteca America announced the Sunday debut of the most entertaining family program in Spanish-language television, “El Show de Tatiana,” hosted by the one and only Tatiana, known in Spanish as La reina de los niños.

“El Show de Tatiana” is more than just a television program. It’s a celebration that brings the family together to enjoy games, contests, songs, special guests, and surprises. “El Show de Tatiana” is the weekly Sunday with special appeal for everyone: parents, friends, aunts, uncles, neighbors, cousins, children and the young at heart.

Tatiana is one of the best-known performers in the Spanish-language music industry. In 1995 she shifted gears and began recording music for children, inspired by her desire to leave a legacy for her own children. She is a household name for millions of Latino families, thanks to a combination of hard work and creativity. She even designs her own wardrobe, keeping a close eye on every aspect of the work that carries her name.

Beginning this Sunday at 2 pm / 1 pm CDT, Tatiana will be closer than ever with “El Show de Tatiana,” wholesome family fun exclusively on Azteca America.

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