¡Azúcar! on EN VIVO.

National Latino Broadcasting LLC (NLB) announced the premiere of ¡Azúcar! Celebrating the Legacy of Celia Cruz on EN VIVO, its recently-launched music channel on SiriusXM targeting US Hispanics. The weekly one-hour show will pay tribute to the undisputed Queen of Salsa through never-aired studio and live recordings, new interviews with musical collaborators and close friends, and exclusive archived material in Celia’s own words. Omer Pardillo-Cid, her closest friend and confidante, and Cruz’s personal manager for the last seven years of her career will host the program.

“It is with great pride that we launch this new program celebrating the life and work of one of the most iconic Latin artists of all time. NLB has been granted the exclusive rights to the Celia Cruz Estate’s archives and is privileged to share them with our audience through this very special program,” said Nelson Albareda, President and CEO of NLB. “For Latin music lovers it doesn‚t get any better than this.”

“I promised Celia that until the day I died I would perpetuate her legacy and share her outstanding body of work with the world and especially with future generations,” said Omer Pardillo-Cid. “I cannot think of a better outlet to do this than through this new program on EN VIVO. I know Celia would be very pleased.”

The program airs Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00 pm ET on SiriusXM channel 147 and features never-released recordings from her live concerts around the world, private rehearsals, unreleased productions from her six-decade career, as well as interviews with guests such as Johnny Pacheco, Willie Colón, Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Alfredo de la Fe, Lucrecia, Willy Chirino, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Marc Anthony, along with personal remembrances from her makeup artist, hairdresser, costume designers, and seamstresses.

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