Batanaga re-launches website & mobile platforms.

Rafael Urbina, Chairman and CEO of Batanga Media, announced the next generation of Batanga Radio with all new enhancements and energy. The comprehensive re-launch simultaneously includes the website and mobile applications available on iOS and Android platforms. Upgrades feature a redesigned format and an enhanced digital radio player which will provide users with an overall superior radio listening experience. The redesigned Batanga Radio provides users with access to their music through multiple points of entry, be it web, mobile or tablet, across the globe. Today the majority of users access Batanga Radio through the mobile application, which currently ranks among the top 10 music apps in countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

“The internet radio arena has become increasingly competitive. Ultimately users will benefit as we and others strive to develop superior radio products,” said Rafael Urbina, Chairman and CEO, Batanga Media. “We are inspired by our users’ passion for music, their desire for music discovery and the need to personalize their listening experience. Today we are thrilled to deliver the next generation of Batanga Radio to users in the U.S. and all across Latin America.”

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