Being Latino launches DigiBunch.

Being Latino announced it has launched viral video production and distribution service, DigiBunch.

“DigiBunch’s value proposition is almost entirely focused on helping brands make and distribute videos and memes that really do go viral, the most authentic and powerful way to engage online audiences,” said Lance Rios, CEO of DigiBunch and Being Latino. “It has taken us more than a year of beta testing this service to achieve the results we’re showcasing on the website. We know digital marketers will be impressed by what we can do.”

DigiBunch offers clients viral video results based on its proprietary platform called ViraliReach that harnesses the comprehensive social media platforms of Being Latino, Hispanicize digital, the Latina Mom Bloggers network as well as the audiences of many Hispanic YouTube sensations such as “Los Pichy Boys” and “Peter la Anguila” that also work with DigiBunch.

In addition to producing and distributing viral videos, itself will be an online portal for Latinos to discover the most culturally relevant, trending videos by and/or for Hispanics, regardless of who produced the web videos. All videos and memes hosted on will get additional distribution on Being Latino’s Facebook community pages.

The idea behind the DigiBunch website is that many Hispanics now heavily rely on the digital world to know what is going on, but they usually have to browse through many different websites to find what they really what to see or read. “DigiBunch delivers a bunch of information in one digital site,” said Rios. “We want people to go to DigiBunch and with one click find the latest trending videos Latinos are watching.”

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