Big Data Decoded. [INFOGRAPHIC]

By The Team | Yahoo! Advertising Solutions

Marketers agree that successful brands use customer data to drive marketing decisions, but 39% say they themselves can’t do it

There’s marketing gold in Big Data—nuggets of information buried in customer profiles, social media, campaign results, and third-party lists that can help us better understand, target and ultimately connect with our optimum online audiences.

As our infographic shows, the challenge is discovering those nuggets in mountains of data that are growing at an astounding rate—multiplying nearly 7 times from 1,227 exabytes in 2010 to an estimated 7,910 exabytes in 2015 (if it helps, one exabyte is defined as a million million million bytes).

Now that’s some Big Data, and it’s becoming too much for most organizations to store, process and analyze—without the right technology or analytical approach, like Genome from Yahoo!. In a recent example of how Yahoo! helped drive big results with Big Data, the online campaign of President Obama used Genome to identify and reach target voters, placing 34% of the campaign’s online impressions on our platform.

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