Blaya Productions launches Hablemos Claro con Cuauhtémoc.

Blaya Media Productions, LLC announced the upcoming premiere of its new show: ‘Hablemos Claro con Cuauhtémoc.’ (Let’s Be Clear with Cuauhtémoc) The daytime talk show features best-selling author and motivational speaker Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sanchez who will support and counsel individuals and families on a variety of issues. Hablemos Claro con Cuauhtémoc premieres Monday, October 1 at 1:00pmEST/12:00pmCT on Telemundo. The show represents the first production from newly-formed Blaya Media Productions and its first collaboration with Telemundo Media.

Developed by Joaquin Blaya, Cuauhtémoc will look a range of relationship and social issues; from a husband dealing with his wife‚s lack of organization skills, to a family struggling with whether or not to spank their misbehaving children. From the impact of drug addiction on the entire family, to depression and gang violence. Guests will also include psychologists, legal advisors, drug addiction specialists and other experts.

“Oftentimes in our community, there can be stigma associated with seeking outside help around important issues, but ignoring them can have a negative impact on the entire family and community,” said Joaquin Blaya. “What Carlos does is shine a light on these problems using his great sense of empathy and positive-thinking to help guests overcome and move forward.”

“Hablemos Claro represents a fresh concept in Spanish-language television and one that I am so excited to be a part of,” said the show‚s star, Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sanchez. “This is a show about the real-life issues and struggles that many of us face. It‚s about inspiration and motivation, and about helping people talk through their problems so they can overcome them in a healthy way.”

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