BlogFrog offers Hispanic-Focused Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

BlogFrog announced it is offering a new Hispanic Influencer Marketing program that connects its growing base of Latino influencers. BlogFrog’s platform allows brands to identify and mobilize topic-based social media influencers to initiate and distribute meaningful content that consumers find useful, all while engaging millions of target consumers.

“We see BlogFrog as an organization that truly understands the importance of building strong emotional connections through social media,” said Stacey Ferguson, founder of Blogalicious. “The Hispanic blog and social influencer space is booming and we are excited to begin to partner with this organization. By expanding its reach, BlogFrog will have the ability to connect brands with a multi-cultural audience, share authentic content and build new relationships.”

BlogFrog’s increased focus on influencer marketing for Hispanic markets will help brands create trust and better connect with Hispanic consumers, both culturally and through common interests. Because the growing numbers of Latino influencers in BlogFrog’s network have personal relationships with their readers, the content they share resonates with audiences and encourages response, helping brands to connect with the Hispanic community in a genuine and personal way.

“Latino influencers are a growing segment of our Influencer Circle and there is increasing demand from brands to reach these consumers in North America,” said Holly Hamann, co-founder at BlogFrog. “These influencers have great relationships with their audience and lead authentic conversations in both English and Spanish. This allows many brands to share their story with an entirely new community or to connect with existing Hispanic customers.”

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