BODEN launches COVID-19 Hispanic Public Relations Resource

Miami based Boden, launched the COVID-19 Hispanic Public Relations Resource, an online guide that helps brands connect with and support the Hispanic community. It features:


  • Tips and insights for communications teams based on perspectives from key Hispanic stakeholders on the frontlines
  • A downloadable stakeholder list including names of journalists, influencers, organizations and healthcare experts who are trusted sources in the Hispanic community
  • Interviews with Hispanic journalists and influencers who share their view on how best to connect with them during this time

The Hispanic community is being severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. From lack of healthcare to financial uncertainty, the 60 million Hispanics in the U.S. are at higher risk of health complications and job losses. The COVID-19 Hispanic Public Relations Resource is now live, and we are confident that it will help the companies and brands who are interested in supporting and connecting with the Hispanic community at this crucial time.

To view Resource, CLICK HERE.




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