Boost Mobile launches new creative to reach Hispanics.

The new Boost Mobile creative campaign produced by Dallas based Hispanic advertising agency, iNSPIRE! launches targeting Hispanic consumers. Boost Mobile uses the character of a Shooting Star that serves as a magical persona who grants wireless wishes. In this case, Boost Mobile is granting the 4G wish at an affordable price, without a contract and with the opportunity to reduce customer’s payments monthly.

Boost Mobile decided to use the Shooting Star character with the hopes to engage the Hispanic consumer and grab on to that emotional and romantic connection that shooting stars have in the Hispanic mindset.

“Boost Mobile is making the speed of 4G reasonable and attainable for all consumers,” says Caralene Robinson, vice president Marketing, Boost Mobile. “Our customers don’t want to sacrifice technology or speed for value. We listen and find answers. With Boost Mobile, customers can spend less faster.”

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