Brands and Agencies Turning to Digital Promotions Now More Than Ever

Realtime Media announced the results of a national market research survey. The results show that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, more brands and agencies are leveraging digital promotions than ever before as a way to engage consumers, with a specific emphasis on purchase-based campaigns. The company-administered survey revealed that 73% of companies and 60% of agencies had executed a digital promotion within the last year.

Additional findings from the survey include:

  •     74% of companies have considered hiring a digital vendor to execute promotions
  •     Over 85% of respondents have run or considered running receipt validation, purchase-based campaigns
  •     Over 66% of agencies and brands have executed consumer buy/get rewards campaigns
  •     For companies that had not run a promotion, 25% cited budget constraints as the primary reason for not doing so

“It’s an uncertain time for marketers as they try to engage digital savvy consumers in new ways,” said Robert Bernstock, President/CEO, Realtime Media. “At Realtime Media, we build digital promotions for brands that help them drive consumers to take an action or make a purchase – and at a price point that allows a wide range of businesses to take advantage of our cutting-edge solutions. In our work with clients, we are seeing that consumer rewards, and specifically, receipt validation is the fastest growing segment of digital promotions – and the survey’s findings support that.”


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