BRAVO launches #holitweet holiday campaign.

It is the first official week of the holiday season, and BRAVO has just released the digital snowball that continues to grow as the agency‚s clients, partners, family and friends spread the holiday cheer. In a gift that keeps on giving, BRAVO’s #holitweet Twitter holiday campaign welcomes all to participate and customize their season’s greetings in a fun, but most importantly, shareable way.

On December 3, the holitweets launched as each partner of BRAVO received a special URL, giving them access to a platform of various holiday greetings in Twitter art form available to share through their own account. “During the holiday season many agencies will send out that nice bottle of wine or fruit basket. We wanted to offer our clients something a little different and fun that showcased how we truly embrace the digital space,” said Jessica Neira, Account Supervisor.

Created in partnership with Twitter artist, Matthew Haggett, about 162 Clients still received that bottle of wine and an analog holitweet card, while 400 Clients received the holitweet email with the URL link.

“Via holitweet we not only hope to create an unexpected way to add some character to the usual holiday Twitter chatter, but also build a case for how important it is to bring this kind of thinking to everything we do. In this case, what used to be simply a greeting card becomes something that takes on a life all its own,” said Chris Campos, VP Managing Director.

But this campaign’s activation is not limited to Twitter, it comes on the backs of the NY office sending out a total of 850 emails, 270 tweets and 154 FB posts to spread the cheer.

“Today, what we do in the social space matters more than ever, especially when it’s rooted in bringing true utility to the user. In this case, holitweet, was driven by our desire to make it easy for our clients, and the world, to spread their holiday sentiments in a simple and engaging way,” said Eric Hoyt, President & COO of BRAVO.

Continuing the holiday activation, BRAVO has developed their own personalized #holitweets to bring social personalities outside of their circle of influence some warm holiday greetings. While there is no relation to Justin, Dayna Bieber, Art Director at BRAVO, had created a special digital shout out to the teen pop star that he can share with his fans. “Our goal was to create something fun in the digital space that sets our agency apart and helps our clients not just receive holiday cheer but also spread it,” said Dayna Bieber.

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