Break Up With Your Ad Agency website – Crushes Ad Executives’ Hearts.

A new website,, launched geared toward helping jaded brand managers, marketing directors, and business owners end their existing relationships with underperforming advertising agencies (you know who you are).

“Today, around the world advertising executives once again have something in common with ‘Mad Men,’ they’re drinking away their sorrows after having their hearts crushed by marketing directors armed with the Break Up With Your Ad Agency website,” said Brent A. Sims, Advertising Executive who is currently rubbing his hands together with a sinister grin.

The Break Up website provides companies the ability to select their mood and then auto-generate a “Dear John” letter that fits how they’re feeling about their existing advertising agency.

The first acknowledged advertising agency was created in 1786, and others followed suit in the 1800s. The first “Dear John” letters have been traced back to World War II as wives and girlfriends of soldiers fighting overseas grew tired of awaiting their return.

“We encourage companies still using their ‘Dad’s Ad Agency’ to explore fresh creative – taking the first step toward a brighter future. Break Up With Your Ad Agency makes dumping your current ad agency easier than ever,” said Brad BonGiovanni, a “creative” Advertising Agency President.

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