Briabe Mobile launches America-Next.

Briabe Mobile is launching America-Next, the first, culturally diverse mobile ad network designed to deliver effective advertising to brand safe publishers and reach the multicultural 13-34 audience.

“Today’s changing demographics means advertisers must pay close attention to multicultural millennials. They’re not only diverse, tech-savvy and highly engaged on their mobile devices, but creators of cool and deciders of trends,” said James Briggs, CEO and Co-Founder of Briabe Mobile. “Companies that ignore this sweet spot will miss an opportunity with a group that represents the future of their brands.”

Through a network of mobile sites and apps, America-Next targets more than 82 million multicultural mobile users. The ad network includes highly targeted publishers across major verticals such as entertainment, lifestyle, sports and news that are tailored to African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics as well as publishers that are in English and bilingual.

“Young multiculturals represent the future of business success. They accounted for 92 percent of the country’s population growth in the last decade, and are expected to drive 86 percent of total growth on retail spending in the next five years,” added Briggs. “Mobile is the most effective way to reach them as penetration, consumption and usage rates among multicultural groups are much higher than general market population.”

America-Next allows advertisers to laser focus and better customize their advertising campaigns with leading, real-time targeting capabilities across display, rich media and video, and to target by ethnicity, demographics, geography, language, device, carrier and channel among other criteria.

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