Broadband, Mobile Web & Satellite TV Change Consumer Media Behavior.

A new Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI), study suggests that, among six cutting-edge home technologies, three alter their owners’ media behavior in more than 50% of cases: broadband Internet access, mobile Internet access, and satellite television reception.

For its All Things Digital report — produced as part of The Home Technology Monitor — SRI spoke to the technology decision-makers in over 130 homes identified as more likely to buy advanced devices and services. The study explores their experiences with and attitudes toward new technologies, yielding insights into which seem most and least likely to be “mainstreamed.”

Of those with high-speed Internet access, about 75% reported that broadband has changed their Web habits. Among the effects mentioned were changes in time spent with the Internet; some respondents said broadband had led them to devote more time to the Web, while others indicated that its speed allowed them to get their Internet tasks done more quickly and move on to other activities.

In addition, 60% of households with mobile Internet access said their Web use has changed, and 60% of those with satellite TV reception reported that it has affected their TV viewing. For satellite reception and other advanced TV services and components, a surprisingly large number of respondents reported that the technology brought their households together more frequently for group viewing.

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