Business Communication Etiquette – Returning Phone Calls.

     Returning a phone call is the basic business practice necessary to stay in communications with potential business partners, competitors and just to gather or receive Intel.

It seems that in the US Hispanic advertising, marketing and media Industry we have pick-up many bad business practices over the years, but not returning a phone call is right up at the top of the list.

Many vendors servicing the US Hispanic Market advertising industry will testify to this.

What most people do not realize is that they are EMPLOYEES.  Very few are owners of their own companies, business owners do return phone calls since it could immediately impacts the bottom-line.  EMPLOYEES do not realize that that at some point in their career they will need the network of non-returned phone calls.

Good rule of thumb, return calls within 48 hours.

Many times they need the network of not-returned phone calls more than the repetitious list of returned phones call.  Especially when they lose their jobs.

How many of you have received a call from someone asking about job opportunities after they have been fires or laid-off that never returned your calls?  Sure you remember!

You are never too busy to not return a phone and do not pre-judge a call.   It could make you a hero at work or get you your next promotion.  In our case, the US Hispanic Guru.

I have a list of people I would like to air out in front of all of you, to see if they are on your list as well.

One thing I have learned in 25 years in the business that everything circles back around.

Nobody is indispensable, untouchable and self-sufficient.

Not returning calls is NOT OPTIONAL.

Do you have any non-returned phones calls?

Gene Bryan

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