Joseph Jaffe is an author, CEO, futurist, disruptor, and now, a late-night talk show host. During the pandemic, he launched "Corona TV" to give himself — and the marketing world — something to do. Now, over 150 episodes later, the newly rebranded "Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous" is a show about hope, positivity, optimism, and, if there's time for it, marketing. This jack of all trades discussed the creator economy, streaming, cryptocurrency, diversity, and more in a special two-part series of the Futures Podcast.

In the latest of our regular series of expert webinars, Ebiquity’s Global CEO, Nick Waters, hosted leading media industry analyst, Ian Whittaker, to set out what he believes will be the priorities and challenges for brands, media, and advertising in the coming months.

The study, “My Voice Matters: Linking Inclusion to Business Growth,” investigated levels of inclusion when making business decisions, determining career progression and growth, and evaluating a sense of belonging within the industry. The report queried respondents in three key areas linked to business performance: My Voice in the Room, My Voice in the Company, and My Voice in the Industry.

The figures are out from the latest U.S. Census, and it’s clear Latinos drove population growth in the U.S., having increased from 50.5 million in 2010 to 62.1 million people in 2020. That accounts for 51.1% of the overall population growth of 22.7 million.By contrast, the general population in the U.S. only grew by 7.4% during the same period.  By Karla Fernandez Parker

"You wanna go where everybody knows your name," according to the famous theme song from the television sitcom Cheers. But according to a new study from NameCoach, work is not as inclusive as Cheers when it comes to pronouncing names correctly. The new study reveals that 44% of respondents had their names mispronounced in an interview, and 41% had their names mispronounced in a customer meeting. The survey of U.S. workers shows that Hispanics were among the most impacted, with 59% having their name mispronounced in an interview.

The Tao of Strategy is not simply about Taoism and strategy. The word “Tao” in the title has a variety of meanings — the Way, “the nature,” the origin of all things — while also connoting Eastern wisdom. Our observations of institutions facing strategic challenges, plus recent research positing strategic intuition as the source of novel strategies, led us to explore how Eastern philosophy complements Western strategy-making.

How is the Job Market Shifting Over the Next Decade?

The National Association of Broadcasters won’t be moving forward with the NAB Show, a move that also cancels the co-located Sales and Management Television Exchange and the Radio Show, co-produced by the NAB and the Radio Advertising Bureau.  By Adam Jacobson - Radio TV Business Report

According to several local sources in Miami, FL, Univision Communications has big plans on moving their Head Quarters to Miami.

Support diverse communities. Increase representation of minorities. Invest in diverse-owned media. This is likely the thought process of advertisers and agencies that have made public commitments during the social justice movement of the past year. As the advertising industry looks to deliver on those commitments, that brings opportunity for the long tail of diverse-owned media that cater to communities of different ethnicities, sexual orientation, various diaspora and all intersectionalities in between. With the market for diverse-owned ad time hotter than ever, how can diverse media owners increase their visibility with advertisers and agencies?

Support Latino Business (SLB), a nonprofit dedicated to championing Latino/x small businesses, hosts its third annual Support Latino Business Day, September 14, 2021. Purposely kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) one day early, Support Latino Business Day works to continue changing the narrative for Latinos in the U.S., highlighting the vital and often unsung contributors of our nation’s economy.

PepsiCo has launched a creative and public relations efforts for its new multi-year platform aimed at strengthening Hispanic-owned small businesses.

Explore Americans’ perceptions of present and future economic opportunity with the Economic Opportunity Index1. The index captures respondents’ sentiments about their own prospects and the country’s as a whole on a scale from most pessimistic (-5) to most optimistic (+5) and represents the average score by demographic group.

After the severe decline in media investment in 2020, the ad industry has been encouraged by a rapid recovery in 2021, with advertising being used as one of the levers to fuel recovery. As consumer behaviour continues to evolve, and we emerge into a new media landscape, brands need to understand which consumer and marketer attitudes have changed, and which have stayed the same. Which media brands have retained their appeal, and which have grown stronger?