Why brands should include their customers’ offline activity in marketing attribution analysis

HispanicAd.com in association with Adam R Jacobson are proud to announce the availability of the 2020 Hispanic Market Overview - titled “The Reopening of Hispanic Marketing”

As brands look to build and rebuild, they will need to look for growth opportunities within the rapidly growing multicultural markets. To arm them with the cultural insights needed, the Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC) is releasing its 2020 Hispanic Market Guide, the most comprehensive resource on the U.S. Hispanic market. The new publication is now available to view online or download for free.

The term is an English-language contrivance, not a real gesture at gender inclusivity.

Re-Evaluating Media for Recovery and like the 2018 paper, Re-Evaluating Media, before it, this report commissioned by Radiocentre aimed to identify the truth about media effectiveness for 10 different media types. It also set out to establish the gaps that exist between the reality and the perceptions of reality about which are the most effective media channels, while also identifying the critical media attributes required to grow brands. This is more relevant than ever in these most uncertain of times.

2020 is the year when the majority of all Americans under seventeen years old will be from a minority background, a process that will culminate with a so-called “minority-majority” population by the mid-2040s. These demographic changes will bring about a significant transformation to Corporate America, and during the next few months, I will discuss some of these consequences, in each article targeting one specific area of our business environment.  By Isaac Mizrahi -  Co-President / ALMA

Branding efforts leapfrog to the top of the B2B marketing agenda as CMOs anticipate a rapid economic rebound

Millennials and gen Zers embrace brands that take a stand on the issues of the day

Verizon and its ad agency McCann Worldgroup received top honors, winning the Best in Show award in the 2020 ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards competition for the campaign “Love Calls Back.”

CPG retailers and manufacturers: Say farewell to the record sales growth the industry has experienced this year. Year-over-year sales comparisons continue to track above pre-COVID-19 conditions in most markets, but the huge sales spikes we saw in March, April and May are unlikely to be repeated in 2021.

Kantar’s annual industry benchmarking report identifies US retailers and suppliers that set the standard of performance, ranked by their trading partners.

Recently, Richard Bambrick posted a link to a presentation by Martin Weigel, titled How not to FAIL. The basic premise of the presentation is that nobody cares about brands and marketers would do well to remember it. I agree. But that does not mean your marketing is wasted, far from it. However, you might want to figure out how your brand can associate with something people do care about.  By Nigel Hollis

The ANA’s Marketing Word of the Year for 2020 is particularly representative of a year marked by the ravages caused throughout the world by the COVID-19 pandemic and social justice issues.

The Clock Has Run Out on The One-size-fits-all Total Market Approach to Marketing

Spanish is the second most used language in the world and English is third; In the United States, English is the most common and Spanish is second. According to Pew Research Center’s 2013 National Survey of Latinos, 36% of Hispanics in the United states are bilingual, while 25% mainly use English and 38% mainly use Spanish (Krogstad & Gonzalez-Barrera, 2020). When it comes to advertising to Hispanics, language plays a key role and it’s important to understand the best way to convey a message to make the consumer feel understood. When deciding on how to market and advertise to Hispanics in the United States it is beneficial to consider code switching versus Spanglish as well as culture in relations to language and how it will affect the campaign.  By Holly Coleman and Madison McDaniel / Florida State University