While most marketing leaders understand the importance of diversity and inclusion when it comes to hiring practices, the challenge is actually recruiting from the right places and fostering an inclusive culture that cultivates and develops diverse talent.

Individual marketers lie on a spectrum ranging from future forward to future reverse, but they all take their time introducing changes. Each change is a risk. The game is easy enough to lose without adding incremental risk.

A new report from The Conference Board draws from a nationally representative survey of 2,000 households to examine this question in deep detail. Made possible by a grant from General Mills, The Multicultural Consumer: Attitudes, Behaviors, and Shopping in the Pandemic uncovers a wealth of striking insights

Though it may not cost as much, working with bloggers and influencers requires you to do more homework. Here’s what influencers and bloggers want you to know about the best way to work with them on your sponsored content.

For decades and decades, Black consumers have been regularly overlooked by companies that don’t see them as a priority demographic.

As we approach 2022, just ask any CEO, what keeps you up at night? You’re guaranteed to get an earful, but in just one year the optimism is greater, the future is clearer, the deepest fears are beginning to fade, and a renewed focus on growth is increasing. Next, ask a CMO the same question. You’ll hear similar optimism, but mixed with concerns about managing and performing to high expectations of growth with slashed budgets.

Marketing departments will have to be more flexible regarding work–life balance if they want to retain top talent

In addition to testing brands well beyond the expected, the past year-and-a-half has showcased the sometimes dramatic ups and downs associated with extreme supply and demand swings. For the auto industry, the bounce-back in sales this year has been welcome news, but the need for mobility among consumers last year has left auto manufacturers searching high and low for the increasingly rare semiconductors needed to make their production lines whole. So in light of dwindling supplies, automakers and their agencies will need to largely focus on brand awareness efforts to stay top-of-mind with consumers until they’re better able to capitalize on short-term conversion efforts.

The middle of summer isn’t typically a time when we’re focused on the upcoming school year, especially when this year feels a little more normal than it did last year. That said, it’s time for brands to focus on back-to-school—even though July just ended.

Acosta released its second The Why? Behind The Buy: Multicultural Shopper Insights report, detailing grocery shopping trends and behaviors of multicultural consumers. With $3.9 trillion in buying poweri, Hispanic, Black and Asian shoppers in the U.S. are making an impact on the grocery industry.

The ANA, through the Global CMO Growth Council in partnership with Cannes LIONS, is calling on the worldwide marketing industry to take a collective pause for a Global Day of Learning. On September 14, 2021, through a series of world-class trainings, workshops, master classes and team building, the industry will reinvest in itself, with the intent of bringing all professionals up to speed on best practices as businesses return to their new normal worldwide.  Registration is FREE.


Stuck at home I was badgered into writing this by account men keen to capture my knowledge (such as it is) for future generations. One of them - an ambitious and talented young man - suggested a list and I duly complied. It turns out they had a point.  Also their is a podcast by Brief Bros that analyses the listBy Charles ‘Chaz’ Wigley, Chairman of BBH Asia, shares 100 lessons he has learned over his career as an advertising planner.

Options for brands looking to minimise disruption resulting from the demise of the cookie in digital advertising.

Brands and consumers continue to bounce back after a very difficult 2020, and interest in many pre-pandemic routines are on the rise. For many marketers, that means it’s time to re-engage with consumers in ways that aren’t in some way connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. And as they think about their campaigns and tactics, new Nielsen research highlights the risks associated with leaning too heavily into strategies focused on short-term sales.

When it comes to the involvement of historically under-represented groups in entertainment and media, we are seeing forward progress.