Caballero, Cisneros & Yzaguirre LLC launches.

  Imagine Eduardo Caballero, Henry Cisneros and Raul Yzaguirre launching a company with the main purpose of ensuring that independent Hispanic advertising agencies, Hispanic owned media and Hispanic owned companies get a fair shot at the business.

I can, a think tank with marketing and political leverage.

Why do I wish a company likes this existed for our Industry?

1-    We need the marketing and industry savvy of Eduardo Caballero
2-    We need the political finnesse of a Henry Cisneros
3-    We need the activism of a Raul Yzaguirre in Washington DC

Simple put, 20 years ago clients feared our marketing and political clout.  I mean really feared not to hire a Hispanic owned and operated ad agency for the Hispanic marketing efforts.

For political or marketing reasons.  Who cares!

The market grew exponentially.

If you think that becoming seamless with mainstream ad agencies is where it all is headed.  Think twice, you are putting your job in jeopardy and your independent agency you work at will not exist in the near future if you fuel this strategy.

This is a complicated market and consumer base.  Sell it for all of its complexity and unique nuances.  Ensure our importance and existence.

Again, 20 years ago Hispanic owned and operated stations were ensured a fair shot at being part of the media mix.

Because real minority owned dictates were in place on media buying decisions.  How many minority dictate request are in place nowadays on media buys to include minority owned media?  Not enough.

Our ad agency professionals cared and were happy for this policy to include our own.

Once gain, the market grew exponentially.

Today, there is a lot of lip service by clients stating that they want a minority owned ad agency to handled their Hispanic efforts.

Hispanic owned and operated ad agencies pitch and spend precious resources to find out that it is just lip service by clients.

An unacceptable and shameful practice.

Obviously, clients feel they can get away with it. ¡Punto!

If Caballero, Cisneros & Yzaguirre LLC existed, the African American market would not have a monopoly on making clients worry about who they hire as their ad agency for individual minority markets.

It would also create a resurgence of our Hispanic advertising agency Industry.

So, Eduardo Caballero, Henry Cisneros and Raul Yzaguirre want to meet with a couple of independent ad agencies willing to work with all of you and KICK SOME ASS?

Gene Bryan

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