Calling out a coward in our Industry ……..

      Over the last couple of years our Industry has been exposed to a very unprofessional assault on the integrity of one of our professionals.

No professional regardless of their track record and relationships with other professionals deserves this assault via electronic assassination that has been once gain unleashed last week to all major agency and clients in our industry.

Having our own fair share of issues with professionals in our industry, these are front and center with the person or organization.  Not without using our real names, our own e-mail addresses or hiding our faces and names.


So to you the lonely coward that continues to try to bring our whole industry down by assaulting the integrity of one of our professionals and not taking ownership of your assault on an ex-agency President, and past President of the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies we promise you this …….

Should we corroborate who you are.

We will use all of collective resources to expose you for the coward that you are and demonstrate to the Industry in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean why you do not deserve to we working in such a great Industry.

Ojo que te estoy velando y tenemos sospechas de quien eres.  Deberias de sentir cuan cerca estamos de exponerte como un cobarde.

Gene Bryan

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