Can we collectively put our differences aside and grow the US Hispanic Ad & Media Industries?

     The US Hispanic Market advertising and media industries are under attack by those less fortunate ad agencies and media suffering from attrition and lower mainstream budgets.

We enjoy traction with many top national, regional and local advertisers, but many still do not target the Hispanic Consumer.

Our potential is a $10 Billion ad and media industry.  Especially in the light of potential US Census gains in the near future.

Can our media entities join forces to build more awareness of the value of the US Hispanic Consumer together?

Can they pitch side by side TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Outdoor and Internet as partners and not competitors?

Growing the advertising pie that target US Hispanic Consumers should be our main goal.  Dividing the pie before it grows is counter productive.

Should the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies lead a team of media and agency professionals to pitch for growth at the client level?

¿Que piensan?

Gene Bryan

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