Canela Media announces new season of “Secretos De Villanas’ along with an all-new Spin-Off Series, ‘Secretos De Protagonistas’ for 2023

Canela Media announced a second season of its highly successful original reality series ‘Secretos de Villanas’, as well as an all-new spin-off series ‘Secretos de Protagonistas’, both of which are slated to premiere in 2023.

“We are thrilled that ’Secretos de Villanas’ and the six iconic telenovela superstars featured in the series were so well received by our audience and the industry. The series has surpassed our expectations becoming Canela Media’s most successful series since our launch. And along with the buzz and social love ‘Secretos de Villanas’ has garnered the series has become a part of the pop culture zeitgeist.” said Jerry Leo, Chief Content Officer of Canela Media “Piggybacking on the success of ‘Villanas’, we are very excited to venture into ‘Secretos de Protagonistas’ with some of the most beloved telenovela leading ladies later this year.”

The second season of Canela Media’s Original ‘Secretos de Villanas’ will feature the return of some of the fan favorite villanas from the first season, as well as additional iconic telenovela villains ready to join the drama. The cast of villanas will bring distinct personalities and experiences, new secrets and unresolved conflicts that will add to the group dynamic.

‘Secretos de Protagonistas’, the spin-off of ‘Secretos de Villanas’ and a Canela Media Original exclusive, will bring together telenovela stars in this much anticipated reality series. As with the villanas, this project will give these iconic telenovela women the opportunity to share their experiences in the industry, discover the similarities that connect them and reveal some of their most kept secrets, all while sharing with fans what they are really like when they are not acting on set.

Both series ‘Secretos de Villanas’ and ‘Secretos de Protagonistas’ are produced by Canela.TV in association with Enrique Sapene and Rubén Consuegra of River Waves Productions.

Executive Producers Rubén Consuegra and Enrique Sapene added, “The series clearly tapped into something the public was hungry for, so it’s especially satisfying to be able to not only return with a second season of ‘Secretos de Villanas’ that’s full of surprises and shocking revelations, but with an equally sensational spin-off with ‘Secretos de Protagonistas’.”

All episodes from the first season of ‘Secretos de Villanas’ are available to stream for free on Canela.TV.

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