Casanova Pendrill Launches 360 Virtual Reality Workfor Oasis Center International

Casanova Pendrill launched a 360 Virtual Reality project this week, one of the first in the Hispanic space.

“There are communities with limited educational resources where children are challenged to reach their full potential. We believe that art has the power to lead children out of at-risk environment and it can inspire them to realign their life-goals”, said Jin Sung, Director of Oasis Center International.” That’s why Oasis (a non-profit organization) provides After School programs that teach children to develop their talents through art”.

Fernando Poblete, Creative Director in charge of this project says, “Through the magic of virtual reality we allowed these children to visit a prestigious art museum, where many outstanding contemporary artworks reside. The children toured the museum without knowing the great surprise waiting for them; their artwork exhibited in that museum!”

Please click here to see the video.

This passion project was made possible with the selfless help of many, under Casanova’s direction:

Massive Square: Production Company
Long Beach Museum of Art
Ron Nelson, LBMA Museum Director
Trulove Post
Leba Los Angeles based, well known Graffiti Artist
Emoto Music

Chief Creative Officer: Elias Weinstock
Creative Director: Fernando Poblete
Copywriter: Santiago Rivillas
Art Director: Daniel Vicente
Account Manager: David Martinez
Productor: Aitor Zaldua


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