CD Ad Vice.

Luis Miguel Messianu President – Chief Creative Officer of Alma shares insights into becoming a Creative Director.

This is a 24 Hour Job
(Live by it)

Be passionate.
(It’s contagious)

When you judge creative work the degree of envy
is directly proportionate to the originality of the work

The bar should always seem low to you
(The best ad is the next one)

The Best Creative Direction is called Encouragement
(You’re a Shrink, Cheerleader, Brother and a Parent)

Show your people how to fish
(Don’t just feed them)

A pat in the back is always nourishing
(Especially when you don’t win)

Direct them to Best Directors
(For each and every project)

Ask the Art Directors to write radio
(they are usually more visual than the writers)

Present and defend the work with conviction
(At the end of the day everyone will appreciate it:
Clients, AE’s and above all your Team)

Keep yourself continuously excited
so you can transmit it to those around you

If you’re a writer keep writing.
If you’re an Art Director keep Art Directing.
(for your own sake and to avoid rust
when judging others’ work)

Play with the Words
(“Evian” backwards is “Naïve”)

Try to find Images on the Clouds

Read about Advertising

Keep yourself current
(Popular Culture, Music, Film, Fashion, Films, Trends,etc.)

Go to the Supermarket and the Mall often
(look at the Brands, the Products,
and what people are buying)

Do your personal “Focus Groups”
(Talk to Bartenders, cab drivers and barbers.
Your Mom can also give you some insights)

Continue being a kid
(Never lose your sense of curiosity and admiration)

Watch Sunrises often
(it’ll wake up your imagination)

Remember your Dreams

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