Checking back in …

  It has been a while since I approached all of you through El Blog at There are reasons.  We accept them, have come to terms with them and own them. We are invigorated by our engaged readers, exclusive blue-chip list of US Hispanic clients and all of our colleagues in the Industry that support the contributions we bring forth to helping inform and promote the US Hispanic advertising, marketing, public relations and media Industries. Con eso dicho, aqui estoy. ¡Ojo, some of you had your fun! Ya me quite la curita y como dice Hector Lavoe ‘hacha y machete’ going forward. 2012 is going to be a very interesting year for our Industry. There is a potential IPO on the horizon, a sale of a major media division, a continued push for revenue and cost analysis to project sustainability by our media companies and agencies, the entry by mainstream media companies in the lucrative US Hispanic media space, positive changes to enhance our core industry association & conference and more interest in targeting US Hispanic Consumers. That’s all good.  It going to be a good year! Fortes en Fide. Gene Bryan CEO — serving the Puerto Rico advertising, marketing & sales industries — serving the US Hispanic advertising, marketing & media professional — Hispanic Chief Marketing Officers exchanging ideas — serving the Hispanic Public Relations professional — insight for reaching Hispanics — Thought Leadership for the US Hispanic Ad, Marketing, Media and PR pros

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