Chemistry CULTURA launches

Pinta announced the completion of its sale to Chemistry. As part of the merger, Pinta has rebranded to its new name Chemistry Cultura.

“One of the elements that makes a great agency is spotting trends before they percolate, and investing in new areas our clients increasingly demand,” said Ned Show, CEO of Chemistry. “With recent studies revealing a Latino marketplace comprising 19% of the American population, and $2.8 trillion in GDP, it’s clear where the trendlines are heading. We therefore made it one of our primary goals to find a partner that profoundly understands the Hispanic consumer, and are thrilled to now be tying the knot with Cultura.”

Part of the integration process will be enhanced collaboration across both firms, and their combined five offices nationwide. Cultura plans to leverage Chemistry’s strengths for client work, including an in-house production studio, digital builders, data scientists, a deep bench of creative talent, robust media planning & experiential. Chemistry will tap Cultura to help its clients with this booming sector, and ensure the work engages Latino consumers with respect and cultural nuance.

“Today it’s less about language and more about culture. The country is evolving rapidly and rather than ‘one Hispanic market,’ we’re seeing a beautiful mosaic comprised of Anglo, Latino and other cultures interacting fluidly together,” said Mike Valdes-Fauli, President of Chemistry Cultura. “As we envision the next decade of evolution, our agency will reflect this new reality and help our clients ignite cultural reactions.”

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