Chespirito. Vida y magia del comediante mas popular de America

Santillana USA, Televisa and Univision Communications Inc. have published a book about the life of Roberto Gomez Bolanos titled “Chespirito. Vida y magia del comediante mas popular de America” (Chespirito. Life and Magic of the Americas’ Most Popular Comedian). The book is already available online at and also at Walmart, Barnes and Noble and other leading retail stores and independent bookstores.

“The Hispanic market has never had such a beloved celebrity like Roberto Gomez Bolanos and perhaps there will never be one like him,” said Maca Rotter, executive director of Televisa Consumer Products. “He has been a Mexican icon for past and future generations, considering that his heritage is more alive than ever.”
“It is an honor for Univision to publish the book of renown Latin-American comedian Chespirito, giving our audience access to unpublished material that will remain in the hearts of the Hispanic community,” said Rick Alessandri, executive vice president, Univision Enterprises.

Gomez Bolanos, also known as Chespirito, is adored and imitated by many Hispanics. The book contains photos, anecdotes and interesting facts, in addition to offering details about Gomez Bolanos’ life. This tribute to the author’s great career will evoke happy and funny moments in readers.

Gomez Bolanos is the creator of fond characters such as “Doctor Chapatin,” “El Chapulin Colorado” and “El Chavo del Ocho,” among others, and in addition to being the most popular comedian in America, he’s an actor, poet, composer, playwright, scriptwriter, as well as a Mexican film and TV director and producer. Chespirito is an inspiring figure who is present in the daily life of the Hispanic public through phrases such as “sin querer queriendo” or “se me chispoteo,” which keep his characters alive and make them immortal even though it’s been more than two decades since his shows were taped.

Translated into more than 50 languages, “El Chavo del Ocho” still airs on UniMas and Galavision.


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