Cinco De Mayo Means Mucho Music On

For much of Mexico, Cinco de Mayo marks the victory of the Mexican Army over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. And for, Inc. it also serves as an annual remembrance of great battles waged daily between international bands working to reach the top of the music charts on (

The fiesta fun on Cinco de Mayo continues all year long on with traditional mariachi (, ranchero ( and Tex-Mex Radio ( Stations adding spice to any music menu.

Stations allow users to create their own virtual radio stations, providing an alternative to traditional commercial-filled radio. To learn how to find a radio station featuring your music preference, check out the Stations Directory and Featured Stations ( You can create your own Station with favorite “picks” from’s catalog of more than 960,000 songs by visiting

Mexico’s culture and influence aren’t limited to traditional tracks. Latin Artists have taken the music world by storm with Español Rock n Roll ( radio, showcasing artists such as Jubah Jabuh, ( a Brazilian band full of ethnic and world Music, pop, rock, and Brazilian popular music influences. The band has more than 88,000 listens to date and shows no signs of abating. Guadalupe Divina ( is an artist with more than 34,000 listens who offers a thrilling mix of Latin music genres. Divina’s tracks can be heard on 39 separate Station pages.

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