Cinelatino acquires Leading Films from the Caribbean.

Cinelatino has acquired some of the biggest recent Spanish-language films from various countries in the Caribbean region, including the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Colombia.

Among the Caribbean acquisitions include:

o Feo de Dia, Lindo de Noche (Ugly by Day, Handsome by Night): The highest-grossing Dominican film of 2012-2013 about an unattractive man who transforms into an irresistible hunk for four hours each night. Starring comedic sensation, Fausto Mata, alongside Frank Perozo.

o I Love Bachata: A hilarious musical comedy from the Dominican Republic about four men who pursue their dream of forming a “bachata” musical group. Also starring Fausto Mata, alongside Roberto Ángel Salcedo, Manolo Ozuna, and Mía Taveras.

o Miente (Lie): An artistic Puerto Rican film about a man living in his own world that will ultimately destroy him. Miente was Puerto Rico’s selection for the 2009 Oscar Awards.

o Una Mirada al Mar (A Look at the Sea): The most important Venezuelan film of 2011 about a 71-year-old widowed painter who returns to the village where he first met his deceased wife and finds friendship in an 8-year-old orphan. Starring Fernando Flores, Yucemar Morales, and Loly Sanchez.

o Mega Diva, A comedy from the Dominican Republic about differences in social classes, starring Roberto Angel, Jessika Grau and Fausto Mata.

o Liberator Morales, El Justiciero (Liberator Morales, the Avenger): A fun comedy about a normal taxi driver by day who turns into “The Avenger” by night to fight a local Venezuelan street gang.

o Locos (Crazies): a Colombian drama about a handy man who falls in love with a patient at mental institution at a wedding and elopes with her. By the producer of the Colombian hit, Perro come Perro.

o ¿Por qué dejaron a Nacho? (Why did they Dump Nacho?): A light-hearted Colombian comedy that proves that love and friendship can endure anything. The film features a well-known cast, including Francisco Bolivar, Jose Ordoñez, and Edmundo Troya.

o Poker: A thriller from Colombia about four strangers who reunite after a national catastrophe to play a game of poker in which there can only be one winner. Starring Rafael Novoa and Juan Sebastian Aragon.

“As the leading Spanish-language movie channel, it’s important we program specifically for the more than 16 million Caribbean Hispanics who live in the U.S.,” said James M. McNamara, Chairman of Cinelatino. “There have been a lot of highly-successful box office films coming out the Caribbean region in the past few years, and we’re committed to acquiring the best films from all parts of the Spanish-speaking world.”

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